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In Game Commands / Information

Select a section below to expand and see all the available commands on the server. 

General Commands
Used to report a player or issue you have.
Use this command if you find an issue with the map or anything else out of place. Chat Example: /bug There is a rock that you can walk under the map at the intersection of Grid E7/F7. 
Access your backpack. Backpack drops on death. (VIP’s receive a larger backpack). You can also click on the backpack icon to the left of the hotbar to open your backpack.
This will activate the remove tool. It will show you in the top left of your screen what you need in order to remove the item. Some things like building blocks require that you have that type of material in your inventory to remove said building block. Others will just refund the item back into your inventory when you remove them.
While looking at a placed item, using this command will make item usable/accessible by everyone. Use this for “free” boxes outside your base, community builds, etc. You do not need to share items for members of your team to access them, just non team members.
Reverts above command.
Will display a summarized version of the rules in chat for everyone.
Alert all admins, and return information to use the /report command in chat.
Displays a link to Rustoholic’s Discord.
Returns upcoming wipe information for this server in chat.
Displays the number of players currently in the server.
Displays information about VIP.
Displays current server population.
Access basic and VIP kits with this command.
Raid My Base
Brings up a menu for purchasing a personal raid through the Raidable Bases Plugin for you or your team using RP $. This will not call a raid to your personal base!
This will call a NPC raid to your base. Multiple Level Options. Costs Scrap to start. All players that want to participate must be authorized on TC for bullets to register. Hard and Nightmare we recommend at least 2 players and multiple beds for faster respawns. Turrets will also target the NPC’s so prepare your base accordingly 🙂
Opens the Skill Tree Plugin Interface (use your skill tree points to level up your character)
Shows who is in the lead on the XP leaderboard.
Your Skill Tree XP is reset bi-monthly. On those wipes, you will start over at Level 1 and have to work your way back up to unlock and spec into each of the Buffs that you want to unlock again.
In Game Store

You can purchase items for your wipe in the in game store GUI. 


Brings up the in game item store
Player Challenges / Titles
You can obtain special titles for being the highest ranked player in over 20 different categories! Some examples are Hunter (most animal kills), Medic (most players healed), Rocketeer (most rockets fired) & More!
Shows who is in the lead on the Player Challenges leaderboard.
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