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Rustoholics pve


Server Overview

Welcome to Rustoholics PvE!

You have finally found the server where you can relax and play Rust. Our server utilizes over 40 plugins that create an environment to enjoy the game without the fear of PvP or being raided, unless you want to be. Just watch out for the roaming Bradley APC’s and zombie hordes ūüėČ

We are glad you’re here and hope you enjoy your stay!


Join our Discord Server for the latest information and interact with the community!


„ÄčThis is a friendly server, don’t be a dick to other people.

„ÄčThis is a mature server 18+, please act mature.

„ÄčNO harassment, trolling, racism, prejudice, bigotry, threats, offensive material, use of hate speech, general disrespect, making other players feel uncomfortable, etc.
This includes voice or text chat, signs, notes, images, or your in-game name/steam id

„ÄčNO Cheats or Exploits
This includes scripts, cheats, aimbots, trying to build inside terrain or exploiting of plugins.

„ÄčNO Raiding or Looting of other players. (Purge excluded)

„ÄčNO Advertising
This includes other servers and discord servers unless approved by admin.

„ÄčNO Joining server to specifically target a player(s) (Stream Sniping) or only to participate in purge.

„ÄčNO Political or Offensive Content.
This includes Chat or Signage.

„ÄčSigns/Paintings (NSFW Images)
Any NSFW images must be inside your base and not visible from the outside. The following are not allowed at all! Inside base or not!

  • Hardcore or hentai porn
  • Gore / death
  • Beastiality
  • Loli – Child sexuality
  • Racism, sexism, hate speech, antisemitism
  • Scat or other disgusting things
  • Self-harm

„ÄčCall when looting major monuments in chat as a courtesy to other players.

Note: Mods are allowed discretion when reviewing incidents and issues not covered above. These rules are also Subject to Change.

Awesome Community &
Multiple QOL Plugins

Our server utilizes the TruePvE plugin which means anything you place or build is not susceptible to damage from another player, with the exception of twig. DO NOT leave your base twig!

We have added additional AI (ZOMBIES) to keep things interesting throughout the wipe. They roam in hordes randomly around the map and increase in size over time. We also have multiple plugins which create roaming Convoy’s on Ring Roads as well as Armored Trains and Satellite Crashes.

„ÄčThere is NO decay on Buildings (no upkeep needed in TC)
„ÄčShort Nights (10 Minute Night and 50 Minute Days).
„ÄčNO decay on Horses
„ÄčCars, mini-copters, scrap helicopters & boats still decay. (but at a slower rate)
„ÄčVanilla Gather w/SkillTree Plugin Modifiers
„ÄčAdditional Attack Helicopter Seats & 5 Seat Mini-Copters with Storage Containers
„ÄčFaster Recyclers
„ÄčTC Wide Workbench (can be anywhere in your base to craft at the level Workbench you have placed somewhere in your base)
„ÄčMonthly Map & Backpack Wipes | Blueprint & SkillTree Wipes on Force Wipe Bi-Monthly. Join our Discord for more info!

VIP Information

If you enjoy playing on our server and would like to help keep our server going, purchase a VIP Package! It helps pay for hosting, server fees, plugins, maps and more! In return, it gives you access to some extra in-game quality of life plugins and a special starter pack!

All donations go directly to keeping the servers online and adding new plugins, maps and content.

VIP Perks

„ÄčLarger Backpack: 8 Row Backpack
„ÄčAccess to /skins (to skin in-game items)
„ÄčSign Artist Plugin: Paint Signs and Canvas with images from URL.
„ÄčAccess to 3 Personal Recyclers (1 free and 2 additional you can craft with materials)
„ÄčAdmin Placed Quarry (Mines Stone/Metal Ore/Sulfur Ore & HQM Ore)
„ÄčAdmin Placed Pump Jack

Special VIP Kit:
(Can claim this once at anytime using /kit in-game.)
„Äč150,000 Wood
„Äč100,000 Stone
„Äč100,000 Metal Ore
„Äč50,000 Sulfur Ore
„Äč20,000 Cloth
„Äč20,000 High Quality Metal Ore
„Äč10,000 Low Grade Fuel
„Äč5,000 Crude Oil
„Äč5,000 Scrap
„Äč2,500 5.56 Ammo
„Äč2,500 Pistol Ammo
„Äč500 Diesel Fuel
„Äč100 Pumpkins
„Äč10 Supply Signals
„Äč10 Pookie Bears
„Äč1 Salvaged Icepick
„Äč1 Salvaged Axe
„Äč1 LR-300 Assault Rifle
„Äč1 MP54A Gun
„Äč1 Bolt Action Rifle
„Äč2 Miners Hats
„Äč4 Special Hazmat Suits

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